Friday, July 23, 2010

Take a Chance

Taking a chance on anything is a risk - will I win?  Will I lose?  Will I be stuck here?  Will I fail?
What if you take a chance and succeed?  What if you take a chance and make a new friend?  A new business contact?  Even simply spend an hour of your life learning new things?
First things first - take the chances that come your way. 
Michael Jordan said you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
Second - be open to the experience - positive or negative, you will learn something.
Last - more of the chances turn out to have a positive impact rather than a negative impact.

Go on..what chance are you going to take today?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Be a Role Model

 Here is a commitment that can take you over the edge. Are you a good role model for others? At home, in the community, at work? Think of a role model that has influenced you. What makes this particular person a role model? Is it how they act? What they say? What words describe this individual?

One of the things on your list is probably the fact that they act responsibly and with their values. They stand up for what they believe in, they participate and work to make things better, they always do their best and are first to admit mistakes and move forward. They have their head and their heart acting together, not in spite of one another. This is a focused individual from whom you could learn to prioritize events and tasks to ensure that there is balance for all the important things in their life. You can see from their actions that they are authentic and understand the influence they have over others.

How do I become a role model for others? Here are a few questions to ask yourself first:

• Am I ready to take on this responsibility?

• What are my guiding principles or values?

• Am I prepared to act in accordance with my values, always?

• Can I take on the challenge that being a role model will present?

• Am I committed to this role?

By taking a few minutes to answer the above questions, try to see yourself from other perspectives and put yourself in the role model shoes now. Would you want to follow this role model?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fight Fire with Fire

When it comes to problems or fires breaking out in our lives, whether at work, home or in our communities, we need to be able to fight fire with fire. Take your positive attitude, your creative brain, your spirit and energy to the fight.

This will help you eliminate frustration and procrastination – tackle the problem head on.

Evaluate if it can be solved in small pieces or all at once.

Enlist the help of others where needed.

Sometimes we just need to drop everything and squelch the fire so that we can stop wasting time and make plans to move on to bigger and better adventures.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Canada!

                                                   Celebrate Canada, eh!
I am blessed to live in a beautiful, diverse country that values the opinion and ways of others.  I have been fortunate enough to have lived and travelled all over the country.  My favourite city is Toronto, followed quickly by Calgary.  I would move back to Burlington Ontario in a heartbeat if life took us back that way.  I cannot believe the size of the raindrops in Halifax or the amazing sites off Newfoundland.
I have met people from every province and even judged International competitions for SIFE/ACE where Canada was represented so well, it was indescribable. The University of Cornerbrook Team worked on ways to harvest ice from icebergs and sell it to Las Vegas Casinos and bars because it took so long to melt...they even harvested drift wood and created and export industry for it to countries who did not have this natural and creative commodity to make furniture and art from at home.  By doing this, they put an abandoned fishery back to use, cleaned up beaches and employed people!  Only in Canada!

I am Canadian!

What other country could give you the Inukshuk?

                                       A Marker for Travellers to Find their Way

Or the amazing Maple Leaf?


What are you doing today to celebrate Canada?