Thursday, March 31, 2011


How often do we say "I know"  and why do we say it even when we don't know?
How often do we ask "Did you know?" only to use the lines that follow as a way to show off our intelligence or our savvy fact-finding aptitude?
Do we ever stop and think how others feel when we say "I Know"?  When we do this, we are stopping people in the tracks of their conversation or the information they are attempting to impart to us.  We are preventing them from sharing their ideas in their own way - perhaps different from our own, but no less important.
How to change up 'I know':
  • say "thanks for the information, I had heard that before and am grateful for your spin on it"
  • ask "how does that information apply to you" - digging deeper can get more details for you to understand what you think you already know
  • say "what a great way to look at that"
All easy ways to keep the conversation going and growing what you already know.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Discover Your Best You

How do you go about becoming the best you that you can possibly be?  Most people find things about themselves that they would like to develop.  This helps them be authentic and true to their values.  A friend of mine does an in-depth review of their skills at the beginning of each year and plans 3 goals to reach by the end of the year that will help them improve in specific areas with specific actions.  Great plan!  They even take time each quarter to evaluate their goals and see where they are.  That time seems to be coming up just around the corner as the end of the 1st quarter of 2011 is close.
I asked my friend how they were doing - they could tell me they were on track with goal 1 & 2, goal 3 was a little off base and would need more focus in the next quarter. (Remember, these are personal goals, not business goals).  I was quite impressed with the response!
I looked at goal setting tools and we have a month-long free program on Solution Linx Online Coaching that can help you do the same - set goals and meet them.  Click here for the free 1 Month Trial.  Coaching on how to set goals will come to your email inbox 3 times per week.  What have you got to lose?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hurry Up Already

Is this what your life looks like? A blur as you run past.  So much so that you cannot see the scenery, just the shapes and maybe a few colours?
Are you always in the 'hurry up already' mode trying to get others to come along at your speed, read your mind and be ready with the answers before you even ask the question?
This can open you up to a lot of opportunities to grow. 
Stop right now. 
Just for a second. 
Look around you and see exactly where you are. 
Describe it - the colours, the scents, the shapes, the feeling in the air, the environment, what you are doing there, how you feel, how you are breathing.  Every bit of the description is leading you to see the whole picture instead of the flash as it goes by or even worse, how it looks in the rear view mirror when you have not even had a chance to consider it.

So when you ask someone to 'hurry up already' or someone asks you to, ask them why and have them take a moment to consider the moment and space around them. You will find appreciation  and peace.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Art of YES

What a great word!
 How does it make you feel to say 'YES'? - Powerful, empowered, positive, lifted, many ways the word 'YES' can make us feel.  Yet, how often do we say it with the feeling it deserves.
Try it.  Right now.  Stand up and say "YES" like you mean it.  Go ahead, do the fist pump and everything!  It is a great, freeing release of energy.  And you cannot help but smile when you say it.
Now consider this, how does the other person react when you say 'YES'?  Do you see a smile, a hint of happiness or a burst of energy?  It's true isn't it.  'YES' can make your space a better place for a while.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What is Your Approach?

The Door Is Waiting for You!

Really, it is!  What is your approach when a door presents itself?
In an earlier post I spoke about the window of opportunity.  Now the door is here and there are even chairs for those who are not ready to approach the door.

Think of Katie Perry's song "Firework" - she talks about the doors being closed so that you can open one that leads you to the perfect road. 

How do you approach the door?  With excitement, trepidation, curiosity or outright fear?  Do you have a million 'what if' questions about what is behind the door?  Or like in the movie Megamind, is the Exit door really an 'exciting' door?

What if you open the door and it leads you to your greatest success?
What if you open the door and it is a slow slide to your best adventure yet?
What if you open the door and it is a rollercoaster ride that is fun and rewarding?

You will never know until you open the door.  Examine your approach.  You never can tell what is waiting for you and your approach is the key to finding out.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are You Fit?

Fitness comes in many forms.  Fit body.  Fit mind. Fit heart. Fit spirit.  Are you fit?  Fitness starts with challenges that are built upon goals to improve oneself. There are many ways to become fit.  Here are a few:
  1. Meditate:  take 5 minutes each day to close your eyes, clear your mind and breathe in and out.  This will help reduce (or eliminate) stress, improve relaxation and build energy.
  2. Get a coach: private coaching sessions are an awesome way to get fit in all facets of your life. A coach will keep you accountable to yourself, help you with roadblocks, create with you your path to success.
  3. Join a fitness club:  there are so many out there so investigate and find one that suits your needs and your style.
  4. Volunteer:  find an organization that means a lot to you and give back.
See - all its shapes and forms can help you become the TRUE You!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Ladder of Life

Climbing a ladder can be scary, especially if you are afraid of heights.  It takes time to tackle the things we are afraid of doing, whether physically challenges or mental challenges or sometimes both.
Here are a few tips on handling the ladders that life tends to hand us:
  1. take it slowly by thinking about the worst thing that can happen if you climb the ladder or if you do not climb the ladder.
  2. think about how you will feel when you have conquered the ladder - what does success look like?
  3. take the ladder one rung (step) at a time - each step is it's own success
Always remember that you can do whatever you set your mind to do....what the mind believes, the mind can achieve - you just need to go with it!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Make a Happy Life

"Remember: very little is needed to make a happy life."

~Marcus Aurelius

It's true. If you sit and think for a minute, what truly makes you happy?
Do it...right now.  Stop and think.
List 5 things that make you happy.
Now - which could you live without.
Picture it.
See, it's not a lot.  It really is the small things that truly make us happy.
And I mean, pure happiness, not the kind with strings attached or consequences or if's and but's or alternatives.  Real happiness.  The kind of smile that just spreads across your face and stays there.

Now, go and enjoy your day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Mom Said 'Cool'

This is my mom.
My mom & me.

She and my dad left with some friends last week for a road trip to New Orleans.  I love the fact that they are retired and can spend their time exploring the world around them. 

I am a middle child.  I always ask my mom to call me when they are on the road so that I know they are ok.  Let's face Dad is in his 70's and she is getting close so I worry...and I like to hear her voice.
I was unable to get the phone when she called after one of the legs of her trip, but when I did, and I laughing as I write this....she ended the call with
"don't worry about us, everything's cool"
Well, that just tells me how awesome she is, how up-to-date and of course how much me and the kids a rubbing off on her. 

Even more importantly, they are going on a cruise from New Orleans.  Mom did a great job in the last 10 years overcoming her fear of boats.  Being a landed immigrant, she came to Canada on a ship from Europe and had a not-so-good experience - they certainly did not have the mechanics or medicinal supplies they do now to deal with seasickness.  She really is totally 'cool'!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Life Lessons from Roasting Potatoes

We had guests for dinner on Friday night.  We entertain almost every weekend.  Nothing strenuous, just good people getting together for some food and wine and talk - connection, interaction and sharing.

So I had put potatoes in the oven to roast about 45 minutes before my guests arrived (recipe below).  I got onto doing other things to prepare, even had time for a glass of wine with my husband before the other couple arrived.  It was quite leisurely, my son even helped to set the table.

At the time requested, my guests arrived.  We chatted at the island in the kitchen while snacking on a few appetizers and catching up on the work week.  My husband took his time making perfect steaks on the barbecue.....when they were ready, I freaked out because I had forgotten all about the roasting potatoes.

Not to worry - they were perfect.  Actually - the best roasted potatoes I have ever made.

This made me stop and think. Sometimes we fuss over things, work to make things (or people) into what (or who) we want them to be, when in all reality, all we need to do is let them be.  We can sometimes even forget about the problem or the project or our need to mold a person and really let time take it's course.  It is amazing what can develop without our constant interference.

Solstice Roasted Potatoes
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
In a glass lasagna pan, coat the bottom with 4 tablespoons of olive oil. 
Peel and coarsely chop in as many potatoes as you would like.
Peel and chop 1 onion.
Sprinkle with sea salt, cracked pepper and garlic powder (not garlic salt).
Add small pats of butter on top of potatoes (about 4 - 6 across the pan).
Put into the oven to roast.....about 90 minutes works out really well (that is the amount of time I am pretty sure mine were in)
You can turn the potatoes at the 45 minute mark and add more butter if you wish.