Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Only Have One FIRST....

Firsts take courage, a positive frame, a willingness to face fears and sometimes a little push to get through the door. There is nothing like the feeling of getting through a first of any kind to give us affirmation that we can do anything.

Let’s look at these ‘firsts’ and see what we can recall - thoughts, feelings, emotions, what the weather was like, what we wore, who was present – almost a visualization exercise. If you have not experienced these firsts, get ready to think about what feelings and emotions are going to pop into your mind by simply reading about them. Face it – these firsts are days that are made for us to live in the moment and overcome our fears.

My First…

day at school. What was that like? Can you remember elementary school? High School? Or College/university? You were ready to show the whole world who you were, what you were made of and started to plan where you were going to go next. You were excited, apprehensive and even a little happy to be starting this new part of your life.

my first job interview. What to say? How do I dress? Will I have to work here for the rest of my life? What questions will they ask? Who will be interviewing me? Feeling like you aced the interview and then didn’t get the job or just the opposite, feeling that you really blew it and did get the job – what a learning experience! And who knew you could ask questions in an interview too – next time you will be more prepared for that one.

date! OMG! Talk about a scary time. To hold hands or not to, what to wear, what to say, how to act? Dates are where you open yourself up to the biggest part of yourself and others. Imagine how you felt. What other event could make you feel this way? Imagine where this first day could lead – to more dates and a huge future together…or to no more dates, chalking this one up to experience.

day at work! WOW! What a challenge in front of you? Getting to know your boss, your co-workers and maybe even your competition for the next position on the ladder. Whether it was a job at the local corner store or in that big corporate office, you started to take new steps in new directions. You shed the parts of yourself that you were not happy with and vowed to be the BEST You you could possibly be.

There will always be more firsts ahead of you – move to a new home or neighborhood, move to a new city, travel to new place, joining a community or professional group, speaking engagement, presentation – the list could go on forever! Personal growth and development is more urgent today than ever so use this list when a first comes along:

1. Be prepared: know time, place, date, how to get there, how to dress, why you are experiencing this ‘first’.

2. Plan your outlook: do you need to practice or rehearse? Do you need to wear something special? Are you in a positive frame of mind to experience the whole situation? Are you ready to be open and potentially meet new people/circumstances that could change your life?

3. Practice affirmation: no matter what the results, you will always learn something. Look for the positive in the situation. You are taking a huge step in a new direction – Way to go! Be proud of yourself and remind yourself how awesome you really are!

Be on your way to many ‘firsts’ – HAPPY FIRST….

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Family for a Reason, a Season and a Lifetime

Wow - what a concept.  If anything makes us who we are today, it's family.  And the make up of a family is so multi-faceted today that the word can actually encompass anyone you see as fit to make the grade and be included in your own.

Whatever family you are a part of, you are part of the legacy that will be left as time moves along.  Now that is an incredible thought!  "I am a legacy".  Whatever you choose to do or not to do will be part of your lasting impact on the family, the community, the world and yourself.  No matter how large or how small. 

Think of each thing you do as another leaf on the branch of your own family tree.  You are part of a larger tree, and when you start your own family you are creating your own branch, just as your children will do the same.

By clicking on the title of this entry, you will be taken to an article on Family publised to E-Zine - read and enjoy how one family started to leave it's own legacy.


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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life Coaching - What is it?

How would I know if I could benefit from coaching? What makes coaching so special?

Coaching is a relationship that helps the client focus on the best within them. Coaches ask specific questions that help the client understand themselves and find the answers they know the client already holds. Coaching will guide you to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Coaching is not therapy or advice. Coaching is not about the past, it is about moving forward to becoming the best you can be in all aspects of your life. Coaches help you set goals that will make you work towards the vision you have of your life, your business and even your health and wellness.

Coaching can be done in various formats – one-on-one, groups, or even, on-line!

One-on-one coaching sessions usually take place by phone for 45-60 minutes, once per week with a personal and specific agenda providing accountability to action plans set at each session. Group coaching sessions usually take place in person for 45 -60 minutes, 3 or 4 times per month with a common agenda including accountability for action plans set during the sessions. On-line coaching caters to the individual with less feedback in place for challenges and the accountability lies strictly with you to complete your tasks.


• Links you to solutions

• Helps create your personal vision

• Safe, objective, non-judgmental

• Unbiased, confidential support

• Helps you to Reach your goals

Coaching is about moving forward, evolving and enhancing the life you have. Let’s face it – we are who we are. Why shouldn’t we be the best we can be, working with what we have? We will never be someone else – we should use our gifts and talents to be our best everyday – set goals, make plans to transform and change. Coaching supports this by being results oriented and focusing on actions to be your best.

The cost of coaching varies depending on the type of coaching you are receiving. One-on-One coaching could cost range from $150 - $700 per month depending on the coach, their speciality and their business practices.  Length of time for coaching depends on how quickly the client reaches their goals.  Coaches do not usually have a specific length of time measure or contract as people are human and it can be difficult to place a time frame on a solution.  Some coaches do have minimum commitments.  Read through all the documentation and ask questions before you get into a coaching relationship.

Group coaching also varies in pricing – anywhere from $30 - $300 per person per hour. On-line coaching can start at $19.95/month with variable commitments. Your best on-line bet is to find a program that suits your needs and provides you with the ability to seek feedback from the coaches that operate the site.

Coaching is the most challenging way to reach your goals. It is an evolved way of looking at your future, taking control of it and being accountable to yourself to meet your goals. Go for it! Find a coaching program today!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome to Solstice Life

The Solstice has to do with the turning of the earth, the movement of everything that is around us, towards or away from the sun.  Inherently everything we do is affected by this movement, whether we like to think so or not.

Turning points are times of change, and in life, that can be quite a regular occurrence.

Welcome to Solstice Life - a blog about life and how to live it your way, find out who you are, and get to be who you want to be.  Please share the articles and the blog with your friends and colleagues - if they inspire you, make a donation.

I look forward to a long and wonderful, sunshine-filled time with you!