Friday, April 29, 2011

Big Things Can Get Small

Today I have a huge load on my plate.  Lots to get done around the house, outside the house and with work (of course), not to mention what the kids need and the other items on the list.

So, instead of freaking out....I started to wade through the list and see that even though things are big - and have urgency around them to complete, that there are items to delegate or that the big items can actually become smaller if I break them down into steps.

For example, I can't get the entire yard ready to plant my flowers because the flowers aren't out yet.  What I can do, is get the leaves raked (kids can help), get the shrubs trimmed and get the pots out and ready for planting.  And all of this does not need to be done in one day.  It can be done in the snatches of warm sunshine that actually appear throughout a few weekends.  When the flowers are out at the nurseries, then I can do the planting - always a good time to relax, think, visualize and meditate with Mother Earth.

Whew!  That's better - not so big!

We do it all the time - we take the big things and put them off because they seem insurmountable - they are not, when we break them down.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Money Stress - Get Over It

When you keep your mind open to new things around you, and let your soul just flow with it, you will find valuable information and resources...including & especially PEOPLE that will come into your life.

I am beginning to learn about the Laws of Attraction - not really beginning - I knew they existed, more like concentrating on the attraction I create with the energy I put into the universe.

I know a wonderful lady - an EFT Practioner, Frances Soda, who has helped me so much, I never thought I could feel this way!  Thanks Frances!

Here is her 'Stress Over Money' Workshop -  a must attend event!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Ray of Sunshine

In the drab and supremely cold month of February, a Ray of sunshine popped into my day. (sorry I am posting this so late - it's now April......I just located this note to myself!) I was traveling down a crowded downtown street where i needed to go around a stopped taxi cab. The very nice driver had gotten out of his warm car to help his customer out and to the sidewalk around the snow-mounded curb. This elderly customer had a cane. This driver was gentle and caring, holding his arm and making sure all was well before he got back into his car.

See. People care!

Tell us about the rays of service-sunshine that you've seen lately.