Friday, May 6, 2011

Building Together

Let’s get it all done and get it done now! We are renovating our basement. It is currently a huge room where all the lights are on one switch, everyone is talking or playing over each other and it is not cozy at all. So my husband delivers his plans to me – we go down the stairs and he walks me through what he would like. Together we share ideas and it’s really quite fun. And no sooner do we have the ideas down and collaborated, that he already has a schedule developed and a plan for implementation. I cannot believe it. It is not a one weekend project – definitely at least a few months so that we can work through the expenses at the same time as living life with all the surprises it can provide. I am really impressed at how he has it down, one piece at a time. And so logically. And he wants to do some of the work himself – just like him- handy and helpful and resourceful.

Truly, I am impressed. And I learned that he definitely has a talent for planning. Now I ask him to listen when I plan out a project so that he can help me see any blips along the way. The focus is always, one piece at a time. Progress with consistent results. One piece at a time.

This theme keeps coming back to me - how about you?