Monday, August 29, 2011

Fear Not the Challenge

This month will be one of challenges.  I have challenged myself to improve a few areas of my life - like most people do, except this time I have done it a little differently:
  1. Get into the physical shape I know I can be in and feel best at.
  2. Focus on developing 3 key parts of my business (they all intertwine)
What am I doing differently (because this sounds like the same old, same old)
  • I have enlisted in the help of my support system - letting them know what I am doing and how so that they can encourage me instead of undermine (albiet unknowingly) my steps
  • Changed the order in which I get things done a la 'Eat That Frog'
  • Squeezed my time so that I can provide more dedicated focus to the 2 challenges - and they are on my calendar everyday!
Why did I make these changes?  After a lot of consideration, I realized the only thing holding me back was me. 

What challenge are you going to face (again) and actually eliminate?

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