Monday, September 19, 2011


This week we celebrate our wedding anniversary. We get to look back on our lives together and look to the future and what is coming our way next.  We are not at a huge milestone, but proud of the fact that we have made it this far and have accomplished so much.

Thinking about the year ahead in our family, there are many milestones headed our way - new babies, 75th birthdays, 50th Wedding Anniversaries, 70th birthdays and another 50th birthday on its way.

We love to celebrate - especially the big things because it is an opportunity to put the special people in our lives in the same room for a different reason that the usual holidays where we get together.  We can even expand beyond the usual crowd and invite those that we see infrequently.

The planning, the excitement, the photos, the memories - all waiting to be had.  And what fun - to see the looks on people's faces, to see and feel the hugs, see tears of joy and happiness and create memories together....what else is life about?

Tell me how you celebrate those special milestones......send images, ideas...I would love to share!

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