Monday, September 26, 2011

Balancing the Equinox

The Equinox happened on September 23rd at 9:04 am.  That was the exact time where the sun was aligned with the equator.  Think about your alignment.  Think about how you balance yourself - the earth and the planets do - the universe is all about balance.  How do you find your balance?

When I think of alignment, I think of living life authentically, aligned to my values.  This means balancing work and family, health & home, heart & mind.  Not easy, an always a progression towards improvement.  With each stage of our life, this balance can actually flex and change.  For example, when the kids were smaller, they needed more of my time so something else had to have less of my time.  Now that has changed and I am able to place more time on other things as the kids have learned to use their time differently as well.

Part of alignment is presence - living the moments you have when you have them.  Choosing to do what you do because you enjoy it - whether it is work or play, and not feeling guilty for either.

Once the equinox is complete, literally in hours, the sun and the earth keep moving.  It actually takes 33 hours for the sun to completely cross the equator (thanks Wikipedia).  What I found most interesting in researching this universal phenomenon was that for the poles (north and south) this is the moment that light transitions from 24 hours of nighttime to 24 hours of daylight.  What a profound statement. Imagine being always in the light or always in the dark? What would you do?  How would that feel? 

Think about your life.  Your equinox.  Your alignment and your balance.  What changes can you make to become more aligned to your light, your values?  Not an easy question, not an easy task, but a liberating one, to say the least.

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